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The Web Development Process

UI/UX Web Development

The Web Development Process

Web development has changed greatly in the past few years and developers must keep up with advancements in design and technology to be able to create a modern website. What does it mean to have a well designed site today?

Web design starts with the client’s brand and label. The brand must have a consistent look and feel across the web including and not limited to the client’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social media presence the company has. The planning stage and design process must be thoroughly planned and researched before any layout is started.

The web design team then starts with the logo and color palate. A suitable font-family is chosen for the design and a mockup of the proposed site is laid out in desktop, tablet and phone view. Once the design is completed, it is sent to the client for approval or requested changes. Once final approval is received the design is then given to our programming department and the theme is then hand coded. While the theme is being coded our writers work closely with the client to gather information on their company and then research is being done on the industry. The page content is then created and reviewed by our SEO specialists before being added to the website.

Once the site is completed it is uploaded to our test server where the testing process is started. First the website is tested for cross browser compatibility and any required adjustments to the code and CSS are made. Then the site is resized pixel by pixel to insure that no portion of the site breaks and the site is pixel perfect at all resolutions. After all tweaks are made the client then reviews the site for final approval before uploading the site to the client's server.

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