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The Benefits of a Custom Designed Website

July 11th, 2017 No Comments

Why choose a custom designed website

Deciding between a custom designed website and an off the shelf template is something that many business owners consider when first taking their business online. There was a time when having a website or any internet presence was all you needed to succeed. That is no longer the case, today people access the internet 24/7 with their phones, tablets and desktop computers. With most research and shopping being done online just having an internet presence is no longer enough. Clients have many options to choose from, so business owners need to have a strong, bold and unique online presence if they plan to compete with other businesses on the internet.

In the past off the shelf templates may have been a good choice for many new businesses due to their lower initial cost. However our experience has proven that a custom designed and developed website will provide a better online presence with a higher ROI and conversion rate and a better user experience.

Custom Designed Website

Higher ROI and conversion rates

It is important that your website not only looks good, but generates income for your online business. A custom designed website will generate a higher return on investment by converting visits to a higher conversion rate than a off the shelf template. A custom designed template is designed and built specifically for your business and it’s target audience.

Design and Branding

A custom designed website is designed around your company’s brand, resulting in a design that has the edge in terms of its design and visual effectiveness. The site is custom designed to your business needs and requirements to exceed business objectives, while giving your company’s website a unique look and feel.

An off the shelf template may be one of thousands that have been sold. This creates a mirror image of similar websites that may cause your site to get lost in the crowd.

Modular CMS

A custom designed website has a modular design that is ready to grow with your business. You have control over content and design as well as future expansion. A properly coded website also has less of a security risk and a better user experience.

An off the shelf template is limited by the creators predetermined design without any consideration for your business needs. Customization is limited and there can be issues with plugins and snippets causing your website to be down while you request tech support.


A custom designed website often takes longer to develop and costs more money than an off the shelf website.

An off the shelf template usually has to be changed to update or expand your website. There may be hidden cost in required premium plugins. Customizing the website is limited and editing the code may cause a security risk.


A custom designed website is pixel perfect on all resolutions and devices. Your branding and marketing initiative conveying the correct measures to your target audience. This will result in a greater ROI. Your website can easily be expanded. This is due to the modular design of your website. Properly coded websites greatly improve on page SEO and have less bloated code which is better for load time and search engine placement.

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